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Sabrina @xsabiex provides the make-up at our Edinburgh course (16-19 Oct 2017)



Neck injuries are often difficult to photograph. Too many curved surfaces and shadows! (Edinburgh Course, 16-19 Oct 2017)


Sabrina @xsabiex works her magic on Soren Moore’s wrist: hands and wrists are common sites for injuries (Edinburgh Course, 16-19 Oct 2017)


Facial abrasions are very frequently seen. (Edinburgh Course, 16-19 Oct 2017)


Injuries behind the ears can be tricky to document as the ears tend to get in the way! (Edinburgh Course, 16-19 Oct 2017)


“You should see the other guy…” Black eyes are another common injury. Always remember to take the photos with the eyes open and the eyes closed, but tell the patient “Don’t screw your eyes up.” (Edinburgh Course, 16-19 October 2017)


With his extensive film and TV career going from strength to strength, Jason looks relaxed being made-up by Bella Larter (Portsmouth Course, 4-6 Dec 2017)
“Melanoma” of right cheek. Biopsy revealed latex only. (Portsmouth Course, 4-6 Dec 2017)





Clever stuff from Bella Larter (Portsmouth Course, 4-6 Dec 2017)
“Houston… we have a problem.” (Portsmouth Course, 4-6 Dec 2017)
Soren flashing at Rebecca A. (Portsmouth Course, 4-6 Dec 2017)
Rebecca A laughing about it (Portsmouth Course, 4-6 Dec 2017)
Soren shows Lyndall his holiday snaps. (Portsmouth Course, 4-6 Dec 2017)
Incised wounds may have ragged edges, depending on the blade edge. (Portsmouth Course, 4-6 Dec 2017)
Rebecca W trying to establish if it’s the right or left hand. (Portsmouth Course, 4-6 Dec 2017)
“Lyndall: I’m on bended knee. Will you… will you…” (Portsmouth Course, 4-6 Dec 2017)