Linear Scales

You are welcome to print off any of our linear scales that are shown below, though you may prefer to save yourself the trouble and get some free ones at one of our courses! We find the Y-scales the most useful: the handle allows your fingers to stay out of the photo. The straight rule may be useful in areas such as the side of the nose, where an angled scale may not fit properly.

For the Y-scales, you will require a cutting mat, a sharp scalpel and a bit of patience: each takes about 10 minutes to print and cut out. The straight rules are easily cut with a guillotine. We prefer white photographic paper (gloss or matte) or card, with the scales then being laminated. Try different options, e.g. thick, matt white card may reduce glare, but the overall print may not be as good. Ensure that the printer settings are offering the highest quality settings.

NB: Sometimes, the printer may alter the size of the final print-off depending on the settings. Always print off a draft before the final version is printed. Make sure that 1cm on your scales is a proper 1cm! They are in JPEG/Word format so that you can edit them as required.

10cm Y-rule May 2019

Multiple 10cm straight rule May 2019

Multiple 15cm straight rule May 2019

Multiple 20cm straight rule May 2019

Multiple 25cm straight rule May 2019

We don’t use colour charts on our scales. With correct White Balancing, there is no need to.