Other Services

As well as offering our 2-day courses in venues throughout the UK, we also offer the following services.

Mobile Photography Courses

If you have a team of staff who require training in medical photography but you want to save on travelling and hotel costs, we can come to you. Please contact us at info@patientfocused.co.uk  for further details.



Made-to-order photographs or latex models

If you need specific photos of injuries or rashes, e.g. for examinations, case studies, examples for teachings, etc. we can make-up the injury or rash and then take high quality photos. Similarly, we can make latex models to your requirements. Please contact us at info@patientfocused.co.uk for further details.


Linear Scales

We are happy for you to print off the linear scales that are listed here. However, if you want them cut and laminated, we can forward a pack of selected scales to you. Further details here.

Expert Opinion

If you require an expert report or opinion on an injury, or you require expert documentation of the injury, please contact us at info@patientfocused.co.uk and we can discuss your requirements.